Privacy Policy

FSD International operates and manages its service through the web at (referred to herein as “FSD International”, “Website”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) and through our mobile application ‘FSD International – Relocation Leads for Partner’ (referred to herein as “App”). FSD International is an online reference portal or platform through which Users (referred to herein as “Service User”) can avail the services (referred to herein as “Service”) offered on the Website, from third-party service providers (referred to herein as “Service Provider”).

We require all the users of our Website (collectively referred to herein, for the sake of this Privacy Policy, as “User”, “You”, “Your”) to provide some information (as defined below) to be able to offer or use the required Services. We understand and respect your privacy, and hence we have laid out a Privacy Policy (referred to herein as “Policy”) to explain to you in detail, about the following:

  • What information we collect from you
  • How we intend to use and share that information
  • How you can manage, access and update your information
  • The ways in which you can control how we use or share your information
  • How we protect and safeguard your information stored by us

By using or interacting on our Website in any way, or by submitting your information on our Website, you agree to the terms and provisions set forth in this Policy and expressly consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information, as explained in this Policy. If you do not agree to the Terms of this Policy, please discontinue using or accessing the Website, App and/or its Services.


FSD International requires you to furnish some personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) to be able to use, avail and offer the Services through our Website. The information we collect from you, which may be completely or partially accessible to other Users of the Website, depends on the purpose of your interaction with FSD International.

Apart from such Personal Information, there may be other kinds of information which we may collect about your use of our Website and/or Services, and frequency of your visits to our Website along with other information in relation to the same (“Tracking Information”) for the purposes of Website Analytics and Ad Networks (as explained below), to help in assessing the relevant ads that must be targeted to Users and other purposes as described in this Policy.



FSD International does not require Service Users to create a separate account or profile to be able to request, use or avail the required Services through our Website. However, to be able to post a request for a Service, we will require you to provide us your basic Personal Information such as:

  • Name;
  • Phone Number;
  • Email Address;
  • Locality and City you are currently residing in;
  • Locality and City that you are moving to;

FSD International may also collect any other information that you choose to publish or post on our Website including but not limited to reviews, ratings or feedback (collectively referred to herein as “Reviews”), or your responses or comments (“Comments”) in our forum discussions, blogs, or any other similar communications. FSD International also reserves the right to record any of your communications and conversations you may have with us, either through chat or messaging, emails sent to FSD International, or phone calls to the FSD International team, expressly for quality and training purposes.


When you access and use our Website and/or App, we may obtain and store some information regarding your activity on our Website and/or App, which is collected automatically from your browser or mobile device (“Tracking Information”). Such information includes your IP address, browser type, device type, operating system, preferred language, your geographic location using GPS, Bluetooth or wireless technology on your device, URL of the links you click on to, from and through our Website, including the date, time and duration of clicks, and the areas of our Website that you visited. We may also record the length of your activity on our Website and the frequency of visits to our Website and/or use or purchase of the Services on our Website.

Such Tracking Information collected regarding your activity is mainly used for Website Analytics, to determine which portions of our Website are most liked/ disliked depending on the frequency of visits and use by all Users and visitors of our Website, so that we can work on improving the Website (or portions of it). Also, this information may be shared with third-party Ad Networks (as explained below) for advertising purposes to help target relevant ads to Users.


FSD International and its third-party vendors also make use of Cookies to collect and store your Tracking Information for the aforementioned purposes.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file that can be sent to your browser, and stored on your computer, mobile, or any other device, when you visit a website. This cookie will help the website to remember and recognise your device the next time you visit that particular website. There are other similar technologies like pixel tags, clear GIFs, web bugs, web beacons, and others, which function in the same way as cookies. FSD International refers to cookies and all such similar technologies, which collect your Tracking Information, as “Cookies” for the sake of this Policy.

How we use Cookies?

We use different types of Cookies for the purposes as explained below:

  • Essential/ Operational – these cookies are necessary for efficient operations of FSD International to provide you with the Services as required. For example, they help us recognise the type of User you are, Service User or Service Provider, and customise our operations for your requirements;
  • Performance/ Analytics – these cookies help us analyze the performance of the FSD International Website and/or App and how they are used, accessed or performing. We use such cookies to maintain and continually improve the FSD International Website and its Services;
  • Functional – these cookies let us operate the Website and Services according to your likes and dislikes by gathering information about your activities and choices you made when you visited our Website previously;
  • Targeting Ads – with the help of such cookies, we will be able to better target ads that may be relevant to you and your interests. We may also use the information captured through such cookies to measure the effectiveness of such ads and regulate the ads you receive;
  • Third-Party – we may allow our Third-Party service providers, vendors, or business partners, including ad networks, to use Cookies (“Third-Party Cookies”) on the FSD International Website, for the same purposes as mentioned above. Such Third-Party Cookies are governed by the Terms of this Policy as well as the privacy policy or cookies policy of the respective Third-Party website or company;

Can you disable Cookies?

Yes. Most browsers usually accept cookies by default when you visit any particular website. However, you can change your browser settings to accept or decline cookies, or even delete specific cookies.

Please note that if you choose to decline, block or refuse cookies, you may not be able to use the Website and its Services with full freedom, as the functioning of the website may be impaired if cookies are disabled.


We collect your information including your Personal Information as well as Tracking Information, as explained above, and use it for the following purposes:

  • To better understand your needs and personalise your use of the FSD International Website and the Services made available through the Website;
  • Internal documentation purposes;
  • To communicate with you through messages, emails or any other digital medium for Service-related purposes, including but not limited to promotional emails or messages to inform you of various offers and other information regarding FSD International which you may be interested in;
  • To improve, maintain and enhance your experience of using the FSD International Website and Services made available therein;
  • To analyse your use of the Website, interactions with ads, promotions and the like, and improve the effectiveness of targeting ads to appropriate audiences;
  • To adapt features and functionalities in the Website to suit your needs;
  • To enforce the Terms of this Policy and/or the Terms of Use, including to protect the property rights, copyrights, or safety of FSD International and its Users;
  • Any other information about you, collected from third-party sources, will be aggregated and stored along with the information we have already obtained about you through our Website;
  • As otherwise stated in this Policy;

Any changes in the future, about our use of your information that was previously collected, will be updated in our Privacy Policy at that time and you will be notified about the same. Your use of our Website, Services offered through the Website and/or sharing of information after such changes are made, will be deemed as your consent to FSD International to use your Personal or other aggregate information according to the terms of the revised Policy.



We may divulge your Personal Information including but not limited to your name, phone number, email address, location, Request history, and Reviews and complaints (if any), (and/or Company and Website Information of Service Providers), if required to do so, for the following purposes:

  • to law enforcement authorities or government officials in order to:
    1. comply with a legal process (court order, subpoena or warrant),
    2. cooperate with an investigation by law enforcement or a governmental authority,
    3. any other legal requirement;
  • if divulgence would possibly alleviate our liability in an actual or potential litigation;
  • to investigate, deal with and prevent fraud, security issues, technical issues, or other illegal activities;
  • to enforce this Policy and our Terms of Use;
  • to protect the rights and property of FSD International and/or any person or entity;


Once you submit your request for a Service, we will share your details with the Service Provider for them to be able to respond to your Request and carry out the Services. The information sent to the Service Providers will include your Request details such as your name, phone number, email address, and location of current residence as well as destination.


To personalise your experience of using our Website, and to constantly improve and maintain our Website and Services, we may enter into a contract with third-party vendors or companies (“Vendors”). We may need to share your Personal Information and Tracking Information with such Vendors, who will not receive the right to use your information for any purpose other than expressly permitted by FSD International. We take precautions to ensure that these Vendors do not attempt to identify you by using the information we provide to them or by collecting additional information about you without your consent.

However, if you actively choose to provide third-party applications or websites with your information when you visit their websites or ads through FSD International, or if you expressly permit them to collect additional information about you when you sign up for their Services through our Website, then the third-party may be able to identify you using the information provided to them by FSD International.

In such cases, the collection, use and protection of your information will be governed by the Privacy Policy of such third-party Vendors and not by FSD International; and you agree that FSD International will not be held responsible or liable for any information you provide to such Vendors or how it is being used.


We will share your information with other Users if you expressly opt in to such sharing or to a particular User with whom you request us to disclose your information; for example, if you are not satisfied with the Service Providers that were referred by us, and you would like to be referred to a different Service Provider, in such an event, for the sake of forwarding your Request and providing you with the required Services, we may share your Personal Information along with your Request details with such a Service Provider.



FSD International, at its sole discretion, may send you certain communications through email, SMS or any other digital medium (e.g., WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) for marketing, commercial or promotional purposes, which you will receive on the email address/phone number you provided to us. You may elect to opt-out of such communications, by asking us to stop (using the ‘unsubscribe’ instructions) at any time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you will continue to receive regular emails or messages regarding the details about the Services you have requested for.

Some of these promotional communications you may receive from us includes:


FSD International may send out Newsletters regarding the company, periodic news, updates, promotions, services, current ongoing offers and much more, to the email addresses of Users who avail and choose to receive Newsletters from us. You may opt out of receiving such Newsletters by following the link to ‘unsubscribe’ which are specifically mentioned in such mails.


We may offer interactive polls so that we can understand what the Users think about the Website, Services and/or important issues that need to be addressed by FSD International. You can share your opinions with other users of the Website and we will only use the summed up data of the polls to display the results, which will not be individually identifiable to any particular person.


FSD International may conduct Surveys at any time to be able to understand and target the relevant content of the Website or Ads to Users. We will not share individual opinions or responses of each User from the Survey with any Third-Party Service Providers or others; however, we will share the aggregated result of such Surveys conducted, to the Third-Parties who require such information and we will post such aggregated results on our Website for other Users to see.

Apart from such promotional emails, we may send you regular emails or messages regarding the use of our Services, transaction confirmation, and maintenance-related announcements (such as, if our Website is temporarily suspended for maintenance). You may NOT OPT OUT of such communications, as they are for informational purposes only and not promotional in nature.


FSD International is committed to protecting your information using procedural and technological measures to prevent unauthorized access, use or disclosure of your information. We update our Server Software on a regular basis and follow current trends of security measures for data protection. However, no security measures are completely secure, and we cannot guarantee 100% security of your information at any time.

Service Providers, who need to create a Profile to access and use our Website and/or App, must use a password that is robust and must not be shared with any third person. FSD International will use password and other important data encryptions to help protect your Personal Information and Company Information in your Profile against unauthorized access and use.

However, if you choose to share your passwords with others, you will be solely responsible for any and all actions taken through your Profile. In case of any unauthorized use of your information due to stolen, lost, compromised or shared passwords, or any other activity through your Profile, FSD International will not be responsible or liable to you in any way.


FSD International intends to only collect your information as much as it is necessary for the purposes for which they are collected. We will retain your information for as long as necessary to provide you with the Services and as described in this Policy. However, FSD International may also be required to retain your Information to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce this Policy and Terms of Use. The nature of use of such information collected or received from you will be specifically for the necessary purpose for which it was collected or as expressly stated in this Policy.


You can access, update, delete, or change or restrict the way we use any information we have collected and stored about you; we will do the required changes or deletion of your information manually at your request. If your information that is either displayed on the Website or stored with us has changed, become out-of-date, obsolete or inaccurate, we encourage you to update the same without delay. You may access and manage your information by:

  • Sending an email to:
  • Contacting us on: 01147320207

We will need substantial identification and proof from you, to help us remotely verify that you are in fact the authorized owner of the information you are requesting to access, update or delete. Only after receiving such confirmation, we will be able to provide you with any details of the information you are requesting for, or update, delete or make any kind of changes to the same.


FSD International may contain advertisements and other content that link to third-party websites (“Links”). We are not responsible for the Links submitted by such third-parties, and placement of such Links on our Website does not constitute our endorsement or acknowledgement of such third-party Links.

You agree that FSD International provides these Links purely for display and advertisement purposes and will not be liable to you or any third-party for the information submitted by you in such Links. These Links are governed by the Privacy Policy of their respective third-party websites and FSD International has no control over how these third-party websites will collect and process your information. Hence, you agree that FSD International will not be held responsible or be liable for any loss or damage, incurred by you, as result of your use of such Links. You agree that your use of these Links or third-party websites is solely your decision and at your own risk.


FSD International may collaborate with third-party online Ad Networks (“Ad Networks”) that display our advertisements on other websites on the basis of your visits to our Website. This is generally used to show certain ads either based on specific sites you visited or according to your location.

We may provide to these Ad Networks, your Tracking Information including but not limited to your usage of our Website among other things, as well as aggregate information about all visitors to our Website and Users of our Services.

This allows us and third-parties to be able to better target advertisements for products and/or Services which you might be interested in. Ad Networks use Cookies, JavaScript, and other tracking technologies to measure the effectiveness of the ads being displayed for you, thereby making it easier to customise ads according to your interests. These Ad Networks use Cookies that are governed by their respective third-party company’s Privacy Policy and not be FSD International’s Cookies Policy.


FSD International reserves the right to update, change, modify or make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time as necessary and to satisfy legal requirements. We will post the revised Policy on this page in our Website and will notify you of the changes by updating the last revised date (the first line of this document). We encourage you to review this Policy regularly for any changes. Continued use of the Website, Services and your provision of information after such changes are made, will be deemed as your consent of such changes and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Revised Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding our Privacy Policy, our use or disclosure of your information, or any unresolved issues which were not addressed satisfactorily by us, you should first contact us (as mentioned below) and we will conduct the necessary investigations and make every effort to resolve your disputes and complaints in accordance with this Policy.


If you have any questions or queries regarding our Privacy Policy, you may contact our Support Team via email: for more information. We will respond to all requests within 15 days.